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How to Add a Data Source

This article describes the general process used to begin adding a data source to Nexla. For detailed information about adding a specific data source, see the articles listed on the Connectors page.

1. Select the Desired Data Source Type

  1. Log into Nexla with your provided credentials to view the Nexla Dashboard.

    If you need credentials, contact

  2. Navigate to the Integrate section by selecting Integrate.png from the platform menu on the left side of the screen.

  3. Click New Data Flow.png at the top of the Integrate toolbar on the left.


  4. Select the data source type to be added to Nexla; for example, Amazon_S3.png

    Although Amazon S3 is selected as an example, this guide presents the general procedure for adding a data source of any type.

  5. Click Next.png in the upper right corner of the screen to begin adding a data source of the selected type.

2. Begin Adding a New Credential

  1. Select "Add a New Credential".


3. Complete Addition of the Data Source

To complete the data source addition process, follow the instructions provided in the article corresponding to the desired data source type, as different data source types require differing information and procedures.

These articles are linked below and can also be found on the Connectors page.

4. No-Code, Bidirectional Connectors

Learn more about Nexla's no-code, bidirectional connectors that can be used to connect to any data source within seconds, without writing any code, in the video below: